Messaging: A Whole Lotta Love



Boomerang signed on the dotted line with Braze to use their push and in-app messaging platform. Now that the mic was on, what did we want to say to visitors? subscribers? drifters?

Message types

First, I locked down message types. Sure, we could chase visitors with ‘Start Trial’ prompts. But would those be helpful? In 2017, Google Play shared a compelling stat β€” 62% of folks that keep a subscription use the app daily. Internal data told a related story. Long-timers watched a variety of shows, while single-show watchers got burnout.

I wondered, How might we use Braze as an extension of the entertainment experience?

New content messaging? A given. But on its own, might not sustain engagement.

Messaging a nudge or deal-sweetener to convert or retain? Might work in dribs and drabs.

Love is the answer.


Early on, I championed *love* over transactional notifications. Weekly love messages spotlight Boomerang’s breadth of programming. They are meant to evoke emotion (and not just news). And emotion is subscription glue.

Love is trivia. First appearances, guest voices, Academy awards β€” all strong hooks.

Love is buried treasure. We don’t feature fan favorite HKP, so his appearance on Wacky Races needed to be surfaced.

Love is strange. Scooby-Doo as a muppet is must-watch Boomerang.

Does love work? Short term, we’ll track video starts. Long term, we’ll track if churn rates lighten up among monthly and annual subscribers.

Who gets love?


I launched separate opt-in campaigns for trialists and subscribers. Here, I had to walk the line between the exact and abstract.

To work within legal constraints, microcopy needed to encapsulate *every type of message* we could possibly send.

I crafted A/B/C variants. Then nudged the top-performer to the top.

27% πŸ’–

28% πŸ’–

39% πŸ’–

A good start

  • 10,000 opt-ins in 10 days via in-app messaging.
  • Boost in trial starts by promoting new content to visitors via in-app messaging. When messaging new Monchhichi’s:
    • Yearly trials bumped up to .74% compared to .62% in control.
    • Monthly trials bumped up to 1.46% compared to 1.1% in control.